Logo STERNA as sterna bird

Its all about "changing peoples lives" & "fighting workforce scarcity” in a humane way!

In 2017, after spending more than 20 years in the Industrial & Aeronautic field, Bruno Paradis founded the STERNA branch to propose International Recruitment as a way to counter the Specialized Labour Shortage which had become a major issue in the economic development on a global scale.

Thanks to its team spread over several countries on various continents as well as to its mobile application, STERNA pursues its rise to the summit in International Mobility worldwide scouting for companies the best candidates with more than 3 years of professional experience in order to fill vacant positions among the many hierarchical levels linked to the sectors affected by "labour scarcity".

STERNA is founded on 2 fundamental values: "multiculturalism" and the "right to equality". In short, STERNA welcomes in its community any individual without prejudice whatsoever and desires all to be treated equally. Furthermore, STERNA advocates its values to all companies and candidates who joins its platform.